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Introduction of revalidation for nurses and midwives a ‘major success’

The introduction of revalidation for nurses and midwives has been a major success, with the majority of those due to renew their registration revalidating successfully.

Latest figures show 90.48% percent (14,362) of the 15,873 due to revalidate in April have successfully renewed their registration through revalidation and only 1,401 have left the register. This is in line with the number of registrants we would normally expect to leave the register in any given April.

Outcomes from the Primary Care Listening Exercise

A six week listening exercise was conducted from 1 September 2015 to 16 October 2015 to ensure patients and stakeholders were effectively engaged in reaching the right decision for the local population.

At least 12,943 people were contacted through postal/electronic mailings and discussions took place across 45 engagement events/meetings with approximately 1,540 attendees.

Overall, 264 surveys were completed in response to the listening exercise – 202 were received by post, whilst 62 were completed online. Further anecdotal feedback was captured during wider discussions at the various meetings attended.

GP practices in Sandwell and West Birmingham launch mobile services to patients

Patients of GP practices in Sandwell and West Birmingham will soon benefit from receiving appointment reminders and health information via text message. If they have a smartphone patients will also be able to access information about their local health services via their mobile phone. Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung and others currently account for more than 70% of all mobile phones in use in the UK. This percentage is rising rapidly offering a new way for GP surgeries to interact with their patients beyond traditional text messaging services.

With 91% of the UK adult population owning a mobile phone (77% in the 65-74 age group) practices can reach a significant number of their patients through this service. Text messages are free to receive for the patient. If patients choose to respond or access the smartphone service, they will be charged standard operator rates depending on their individual contract.

To benefits from these services patients are encouraged to hand in their mobile phone number to their practice. If patients have already their mobile phone number recorded with their GP, they will receive a text message to let them know that the service is running.


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