Equality performance

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Due Regard 2018

We will publish information of how the CCG can demonstrate compliance and due regard with the general and specific duties of the Equality Act 2010. You can see an overview of what we have achieved during 2018 by clicking here 

We will publish more detailed information by 31 March each year. You can see what we have achieved in previous years by clicking here 

Equality Delivery System

The national equality delivery System (EDS) measures the performance of NHS organisations against a set of Goals and outcomes. NHS organisations are expected to undertake an annual assessment of their performance with stakeholders, report this to NHS England and publish the outcomes on their website. The EDS2 goals and outcomes can be viewed here 

Each year (by 31 March)  we will publish information about how we have performed against the NHS Equality delivery system.  

Equality Strategy

We are currently consulting on our draft strategy and equality objectives. To review the draft strategy and take part in the consultation on our equality objectives please click here