Equality performance

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Equality Delivery System

We recognise the many different characteristics that make up our diverse communities across Sandwell and West Birmingham.

We are committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity in respect of the way we commission healthcare services and in relation to creating a workforce that is broadly representative of the population we serve.

One of the ways we aim to achieve this through proactive engagement and consultation with service users and carers, engaging with local communities and staff who work within our organisation.

The national Equality Delivery System (EDS) measures the performance of NHS organisations against a set of Goals and outcomes. NHS organisations are expected to undertake an annual assessment of their performance with stakeholders, report this to NHS England and publish the outcomes on their website. The EDS2 goals and outcomes can be viewed here 

The CCG’s Equality objectives as detailed in the Equalities and Reducing Inequalities Strategy are interlinked with the goals and outcomes of EDS2

We have clear links between our approach to public involvement and the work we do in relation to EDS2. The CCG uses the Equality Delivery System together in conjunction with the Equality Impact Assessments to plan any commissioning or engagement activities as per the Public Sector Equality Duty (s149) of the Equality Act 2010.

You can find out more about how we use the various methods of patient, public and stakeholder engagement used by the CCG in relation to the Equality Delivery System on our Get Involved section of our website