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Equality Information Supporting our Decisions

The CCG gathers and analyses information to help inform its decision making. This includes the use of the following:

Equality Analysis

Disabled parking sign and wheelchair user

Equality analysis is integral to good decision making. The CCG is committed to using the information obtained from its equality analysis process to inform the decisions it reaches. This process will enable the CCG to analyse the potential or actual impact of its proposals, policies, plans and services on vulnerable groups (including those protected by equality legislation), and reach decisions based on robust evidence of their impact.
Equality analysis can help the CCG to consider the impact that a service it is seeking to commission will have on, for example, disabled patients. It will help to identify the groups that will need to be involved and engaged in the development of the service and decision-making process. Equally, the equality analysis will highlight some of the local and national evidence to make sure that people with a disability and their carers can access and benefit from the service in the same way as people who do not have a disability.  

The tool we use to obtain this information and support our decisions can be found  pdf here (696 KB)


Population Information

You can read about our population here