Primary Care Commissioning Framework

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Our ambition is to deliver consistently high quality care for all our patients. The NHS definition of quality encompasses three equally important parts:

  • Care that is clinically effective – not just in the eyes of clinicians but in the eyes of patients themselves
  • Care that is safe
  • Care that provides as positive an experience for patients as possible.

High quality care is only achieved when all three dimensions are present - not just one or two of them.

We are committed to the development of ‘primary care at scale’* and believe that resourcing and supporting general practices to provide high quality care and services, can provide a solution to a number of problems confronting the NHS.

This Primary Care Commissioning Framework (PCCF) will help to develop general practice, encourage partnership working and deliver improvements in clinical outcomes for patients. The scheme offers a consistent and equitable set of initiatives for the whole population that will improve health and wellbeing.

There are a total of eleven standards in the PCCF for 2018/19. All standards must be delivered if we are to deliver the necessary primary care transformation at scale. Each standard contains delivery, support and output/outcome requirements.

To read the full PCCF document for 2019/20 please click here and for 2018/19 please click here

The PCCF document for 17/18 can be read here and a highlights video can be seen below.