Patients have just one week left to vote for their GP Practice Patient Champion

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Patients who are registered with a GP practice in Sandwell or West Birmingham have just one week left to vote in this year’s GP Stars of 2018 Awards.

The Patient Champion Award recognises a person or team at a GP practice who has involved patients and service users in decisions that impact on the practice, and ultimately made a real difference to the way the organisation engages with patients.

Last year, the Patient Champion Award was presented to the Patient Participation Group (PGG) from Tower Hill Partnership Medical Practice. They were given the award due to the work they had done to set up a friendship group for those patients who were lonely or isolated at the practice. They used funding from Ageing Better to set the group up and now have over 20 regular attendees. Adele Russon, Business and Facilities Manager at Tower Hill Partnership Medical Practice said: “We were delighted to receive the award in recognition of the voluntary work undertaken by our PPG members, to set up a group where patients who feel lonely or isolated can meet to make new friends.”

Patients are also invited to nominate for the following awards:

· GP of the Year Award

·Practice Nurse of the Year Award

You can nominate by clicking here