Don’t get World Cup ‘fever’ and neglect your health

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World Cup football and trophyAs the football World Cup gets underway it’s tempting to throw crisps and salted nuts into the football mix, along with beer, but swapping these snacks for healthier foods is easier than you might think. When you’re watching something as engrossing as Russia versus Saudi Arabia, it’s easy to pay attention to how much you eat or even miss eating all together so stay aware of what you’re eating. NHS Choices offer loads of quick and easy information about changing unhealthy snacks for healthier options.

With 32 countries, 64 games, 736 players and one prize, the World Cup kicks off in Russia with millions of people worldwide set to spend the month sat on the sofa in front of their televisions.

With so many games all being televised in the space of a month, it’s tempting to neglect your health and indulge in some of the more negative habits associated with football’s biggest competition.

A study by The Drinks Business showed that the British public are planning to drink £128 million worth of beer, wine and spirits during the group stages alone. We all know this is England’s year and are going to win the World Cup, so this number could increase. This is a monumental amount of alcohol so it’s important that you don’t overdo it and stick to the national guidelines. Tips you can try to stick to 14 units of alcohol a week include:

  • Drink low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks instead
  • Add soda water to your drinks to make spritzers
  • Try alcohol-free nights and not drinking at home
As the whistle blows for the off-sides, yellow cards and those questionable tackles, remember you need to get up off the sofa every now and then and move around. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to some long-term health conditions so make an effort to move around as much as you can. Even 10 minutes of brisk exercise a day can help and One You can help monitor your activity and provide additional exercises for you to try during half time and in between matches.

None of this is meant to take away from your enjoyment of the competition but a month is a long time and it can be easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle. By sticking to some of these health tips you can stay healthy and enjoy all the Tiki-Taka, Samba and hoof-it football Russia 2018 has to offer.