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Monday 23 July is International #HelloMyNameIs Day. The event remembers Dr Kate Granger MBE, who created the #HelloMyNameIs campaign with her husband, Chris Pointon. 

Kate, who was a registrar in elderly medicine and had terminal cancer, started the campaign with her husband Chris Pointon after she became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was a patient. Sadly, Kate passed away at the age of 34 on 23 July 2016. 

The campaign, which encourages NHS staff to make a pledge to introduce themselves to patients, has been a huge success with hundreds of thousands of staff backing it.

The #HelloMyNameIs campaign reminds us about the importance of good communications and how small, simple acts can improve the lives of our patients.

For more information about and to find out more about Dr Kate Granger and # HelloMyNameIs, visit www.hellomynameis.org.uk.