Improving Primary Care Mental Health Wellbeing

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Woman enjoying wellbeingPatients treated through a Sandwell and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) scheme have shown ‘significant’ levels of improvement in their mental wellbeing, while the percentage of patients diagnosed with clinical depression who are recovering has increased.

Those are the findings of a statistical analysis carried out by the CCG, now highlighted in a new report from independent charity The King’s Fund.

The report focuses on the work of the Sandwell Esteem Team, in the Sandwell Integrated Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service. Part of the Sandwell Wellbeing Hub, the service offers self-help material, group work, and individual talking and listening services to improve confidence, wellbeing and emotional health within the borough of Sandwell.

The research is part of a wider project being undertaken by The King’s Fund to examine approaches to care co-ordination in primary care settings in different parts of the UK. 

The full report can be read on the King's Fund website.