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Choose the right care

Have your flu jab

Keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours  


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This year we have created a fun way to help you stay healthy this winter. Flo the friendly dragon will be providing top tips and important advice to keep you and your family well through the cold winter months. rsz 1flo

There will be special opportunities to meet Flo at our winter roadshows. So, watch this space for more details!


Dee's A&E Fail Tale video is based on real-life examples of Accident and Emergency (A&E) misuse.

Our 12 days of Winter video provides a fun way of accessing information about how to stay well in the cold weather such as keeping in control of any long term conditions, remembering repeat prescriptions and getting the flu jab. The animation offers information about the range of health services such as NHS 111, local pharmacy and how to eat healthily in the winter months.


  Choose the right care

Christmas, New Year and the winter period in general are typically extremely busy times for health services. You can help your local NHS and ensure you get the treatment you need when you need it, if you think carefully about where to go for advice and treatment.

Many common winter ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throat, tummy ache and sprains can be treated at home. Pharmacists can also offer advice and treatment for a number of minor illnesses and injuries.

If your condition is more serious, you can make an appointment to see your GP or if you need to be seen right away, you can visit a walk-in or urgent care centre.

If you have a life-threatening condition, serious accident or need emergency treatment, you should go to A&E or call 999.

If you are need help urgently, but are unsure where to go – you should call 111.

To find out how to access the right service, watch our 'Play Your Care Right' show.

Its really important that (when you need some help from a health service), that you access the correct service for your current needs. Accessing the correct service will usually mean that you will be seen quicker and by the health care person who is best able to help you. 

Have your flu jab

Anyone over 65, pregnant women, children aged between 2 and 5, people with long term conditions and carers are all entitled to a free flu jab. You can have your flu jab at your GP practice or pharmacist. The flu virus changes every year, so it is important to be vaccinated each year.

If you are not eligible for a free flu vaccination and would like to get vaccinated, speak to your pharmacist.

Keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours

Winter can be a particularly lonely time for elderly and vulnerable people. Darker, longer nights and bad weather conditions can prevent people from getting out and about and can lead to isolation. Keeping an eye on, and visiting, elderly and vulnerable family, friends and neighbours can help to keep them well. 


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