Stay Well This Winter - Videos

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12 Days of Winter

With healthcare services more limited over the Christmas holidays, its vital that people know where and how to access services over the holiday period. The local NHS in the Black Country have now created their very own animation which offers advice, tips and messages about staying well this winter.

 Eat Well This Winter comes to Blackheath Library

Our #eatwellthiswinter message was shared with members of the community at Blackhealth Library who then had a go at cooking one of our winter recipes a fabulous Chilli Con Carne.

Have you, or do you know someone, who has had the flu vaccine?

We popped into the West Bromwich Tesco store to get some thoughts on the flu vaccine.

If your GP is closed what would you do?

We popped along to Tesco in West Bromwich to ask people what they might do to access health services if their GP was closed.

What do you do to keep yourself well over the winter?

We popped in to Tesco in West Bromwich to ask people what they do to keep themselves well over the winter.