Pre-retirement group coaching forum

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This scheme utilises the information gained from scheme three and local intelligence to operate a forum that targets support to those GPs approaching retirement age/considering retirement.

This forum seeks to ensure Wise 5 GPs (late career) are well informed about the options available to them when planning their future within practice, with the aim of retaining their skill and knowledge within the profession. Options may include salaried roles or the opportunity to and broker discussions with practices that have vacancies/opportunities available. The aim is to have 'honest conversations’ that offer workable and feasible options, helping sort issues, concerns, worries and provide concerted support.

The concept:

  • To retain GPs considering retirement and return recently retired GPs to clinical practice
  • To offer support through pensions and estates advice, as well as indemnity costs to affected GPs.

What will it include?

  • A professionally assisted forum to explore options and provide advice on pension, estates, and finance
  • Support with indemnity costs of up to ÂŁ2000.

Who can access this support?

  • GPs working in the Black Country and West Birmingham STP who are contemplating retirement in the near future or who have recently retired and are interested in returning to practice for a few sessions per week.

What is the time commitment?

  • One evening, for two-three hours.

How long is the offer available for?

  • Two sessions, provisionally November and January (participants would only attend a single session).

How do I find out more?

  • For further information, complete an document expression of interest form (24 KB) and contact Leon Mallett This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.