Economic Impact of NHS Spending in the Black Country

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As we strive to design and deliver the best possibly healthcare for Black Country residents, it is easy for health and social care organisations to lose sight of the wider impact our funding decisions can have on the entire Black Country economy. As a major employer and a funder of local services, we make a large contribution to wealth creation in the region.

Economic Impact of NHS Spending in the Black Country has been commissioned by the Black Country Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) and brings this message home loud and clear. The NHS creates more than 40,000 jobs both directly and indirectly – that’s more than 8 per cent of the total Black Country workforce. In addition, by investing in particular health conditions or more out-of-hours appointments, we could add millions to our local economy.

This is important food for thought for the 18 health and social care organisations that make up the Black Country STP. In many ways, the STP is simply formalising existing partnerships and joint ways of working. However, it is also an opportunity to do more to tackle those wider determinants of health – the poverty and deprivation that comes with poor housing, inadequate education, low skills levels and unemployment.

In part, this report is a first step in helping the partners that make up our STP understand how, by co-operating and working even more closely together, they can have an impact on these wider determinants of health and wellbeing. Over the coming weeks and months, the STP will be analysing the data in more detail and using it to help frame plans for transforming care for everyone living in the Black Country.

Please find a link to the full Black Country report is available here and other useful information about NHS spending in the Black Country via the image links below

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